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Reclaimed Design

Reclaimed design is a project born from the archives of novelist wendy perringham and her vast collection of visual research from the places that she visited, often being in the form of tourist leaflet. I set out to reclaim the designs from leaflets from the 80's.

During my research into Wendy Perriams archive

at Kingston university, i came across a selection

of tourist leaflets from the 80’s. That would for

ever be lost if they were not kept.

Finnished Collection

Reclaimed Process

The reclaiming process consisted of extracting each piece of lost properties such as typefaces, colour pallets, and general style. Then re-purpose them into new prints, eventually, I had enough content I created a publication to showcase and celebrate lost design in its new life.

When I was unable to find some of the typefaces from each leaflet I decided to redraw the required letters to form my design. 

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